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Besides The Lion

Looking at the history page in the history column, when the revolution of Lion Dance went from North to South. Some thing else branch out from the lion dance but some how, lion dance practitioners today, will often practice this too. Not all but quite a number, especially the region in China and Hong Kong.
There is this lion called the green lion, also call the Hakka lion. which is the face is flat and have black fur and green face. Its more practice by the Hakka people of Chinese. Besides There is also Qi Lin or in cantonese "Kei Lun" in English, they called it unicorn. There is also "pe Shiu" Cantonese we called it "Pei Yao"

Below is some video and pictures that I've attach. The description on below the video is mostly the subtitles of the video in case you guys can't understand Chinese well.


Green Lion
















An Explanation About Unicorn


Qi Lin or Unicorn is also one of the Chinese Hakka traditional dancing. Unicorn origins from the imagination of the early days Chinese about giraffe. That's why it has a similar look of a giraffe in terms of long neck and its long looking face. Unicorn also can be use to pick the green or "Chai Ching" on occasions like wedding, opening ceremony and giving birth. But its Green is not so similar to lion dance green. Unicorn's green is normally place on ground and also on table and its more to a simple kind of green or cheng.


Unlike lions, unicorn dancers do not use horse raiding stance, their main stance are the "diao ma" which is front leg bended forward and seems like hanging up. Movement speed are just normal as it reacts to things base on its instinct.













An Explanation About Pei Yao

Pi Shiu or Pei Yao (cantonese) is a mystical animal which belief to be more fierce than lions. This animal is belief that it is the animal that The Great Sidharta Gautama(Buddha) sits on. where some times we see Buddha is sitting on a funny looking animal, that is Pe Shiu or Pei Yao in cantonese. It is not so popular these days. It was originated from Jiangxi then to Guangdong and then to Fujian China. Later Then we can also see there is some thing called Taiwanese lion which is very similar to this. Its belief that Taiwanese adapt the look of pe shiu and then change it to todays Taiwanese lion. Dark business such as casino love to put up images and motive about Pe Shiu as they belief it has a very strong "Sha Qi" (killing Energy) to protect them from being harm and bring prosperous to their business.


Mostly Low horse stance, Diao ma, Kick leg and anxious and fast speed movement to show fierce and anger.