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How Lions Are Build



m frame2






Lion heads is build is 6 major steps, at the very first, the crafts men need to build the the bottom frame which enquire a unique design mole to form its semi rounded frame. Material normally use in the modern days is a 1++ inch flat aluminum rod. during the early days, a flat 2 inch bamboo piece was use by just bending it free hand and form its semi rounded shape.








Second, step is the the whole frame shape which is build by tying each and every rattan together to form its face shape. In the early days fine bamboo slice from a huge and long bamboo will be use to craft after drying them till they turn brownish colour. Today rattan has replace the bamboo due to the consideration of bamboo is dangerous as it cuts human flash, and it is not as elastic as rattan. When a bamboo lion head crash into some thing, it will break and the sharp edge will puncture and injured lion dancer’s face or body. While vise verse, rattan has enough elasticity that it will react like a rubber band and it will not break and hurt people.










laser paper









The 3rd step is the wrapping part. Its skin is build in 2 layers, first is the gauze layer second is a thin paper layer. After wrapping, the fourth step is colouring, in today’s revolution on the lion mask, besides the traditional lion mask, laser paper lion head has been invented. They are the most seen today, the golden lion, silver lion, green, blue, purple, red and other colour. This laser paper is use as a back ground colour and bright painting material will be painted on it. After finishing the painting, these lion head go to the fifth part which is the step to make the lion head’s has a coat of shiny surface where the craftsmen spray a few layers or clear water proof spray on top of the paint and it will look really shiny.


aplying glue










The Lion's Eye Ball


The Lion's Eye Ball








Final step it putting on its accessory, the fur, eye, the pom pom balls, the beard, the back cloth and its tail.