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Lion Dance Competition, Origins Of Jong

old lions

The first Lion and Dragon Dance Federation in Malaysia was formed in 1976. In 1983, this Federation organized the first Lion Dance competition in Malaysia using the traditional “Choy Cheng “ as the theme for the competition.” Choy Cheng”  literally means plucking green in English which is believed to bring luck and prosperity. At that time, wooden tables and huge ceramic flower pots were used to formed the platform for the  lion team to perform their act. Then, through the creativity of  the lion dancers, the Hing Tung Lok Lion Dance Association created the” Mei Hua Zhuang “ ( The Plum Blossom Pole) Platform, which was made up of five wooden poles. After the introduction of the pole Platform for the Lion Dance act by the Hing Tung Lok Lion Dance Association, other lion dance associations and troupes started to invent their own sets of pole platform of various formations and height. Some platforms went as high as 49 feet above the ground. Whoa! Just imagine how the lion dancers will react when performing their act on the pole platform as high as a five story building, without any netting installed below. Considering the danger that the lion dancers have to encounter, I supposed their performance will be governed and they will not be able to produce any exciting stunts for the audience to see. They have to be extremely  careful with their steps and movements, because one wrong step or move can be fatal to them. This will make their performance sluggish and  sometime boring to watch during a competition. You can view the pictures of the 49 feet pole platform in this page.
In the year 1992, the Malaysian Lion And Dragon Dance Federation  joint hands together with other over sea’s Lion and Dragon Dance Federations to form  the International Lion and Dragon Dance Federation in Hong Kong ,with the intention  of  standardizing the rules and regulations set for the Lion Dance competition worldwide.
In the year 1993, the proposal for standardizing the rules and regulations for lion dance competitions were formulated, and submitted to the International Lion And Dragon Dance Federation Committee for approval. The new rules and regulations formulated have included,  standardizing the width and height of the poles, size of the performance platform, duration of performance, and the system of judgment. .Finally, on 23rd February 1995, the new  standardized rules and regulations set by the International Lion And Dragon Dance Federation were officially implemented for the lion dance competitions worldwide. Apart from setting and implementing rules and  regulation, and organizing international Lion and Dragon dance competitions, the International Lion and Dragon Dance Federation also conduct courses for international  judges. To qualify to be an international lion dance judge, one must attend the course and must passed the examinations. In the year 1997, the International Lion and Dragon Dance Federation moved its office from Hong Kong to Beijing in China.





High Pole


High Pole (over 49 ft of height)









High Pole (over 49 ft of height)


High Pole (over 49 ft of height)










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Enjoy The Late 1980's Lion Dance Peak.













Master Siow Explains The Origins Of Jongs


The New X Standard Stilts
(Only in Genting Competition At The Moment)

The rules and regulations formulated for the lion dance competitions in 1995, by the International Lion and Dragon Dance Federation remained intact for twelve years. During this period. competing teams from various country will have to bring in their own equipments and materials to construct their own style of performance platform. The competing teams had to fork out a substantial amount of money just to bring in their platform equipments and materials for the competition. In order to lighten the financial burden on the participating team, the International Lion and Dragon dance Federation had established a new ruling on performance platform. You can termed it as “One Platform For All”. It means that in the future competitions, there will be only one standardized performance platform for the participants to exhibit their lion dance skills . The performance platform had a cross ( X ) like design, whereby the participants can have a choice to start and end their performance at any one corner  of the cross. The platform will be constructed by the competition organizing committee and the participating team need not worry about expenses incurred and the trouble to bring in their platform equipments. All qualified participants for the competition will be provided with an exact layout plan of the performance platform prior to the competition. The layout plan is for the participants to construct the same platform at their homeland to practice their lion dance skills before coming for the competition. This new ruling on the performance platform was successfully implemented in the year 2007 at the World Lion Dance Championship held at Genting Highland in Malaysia. It was very well accepted by the participants. The implementation of this ruling on the platform have definitely benefited the participants substantially. The participants have saved a substantial amount of money on the handling and freight charges for bringing in and sending back their platform equipments. It also save them the trouble and time to construct and dismantle their platform during the competition. The judges for the competition will have an easier task to perform too.




































double lions

The creation of the pole platform by the Hing Ting Lok Lion Dance Association,  became very popular and it was widely spread throughout the world. After many years of dancing on the pole platform, the lion dancers became bored. Later, they started to create new style of dancing on the pole platform. In order to make the dance more exciting ,they started with two lions dancing on the pole platform at the same time, instead of one. They succeeded. Then they tried with three and even up to four. Sometimes you can see four lions dancing on the same pole platform and at the same time and  this had really excite the audiences. This multiple lions dancing  on the same platform and at the same time was really a crowd puller until today, and this skill of lion dances had spread to many oversea countries like Hong Kong, Macau, Australia, United States, Indonesia, and Singapore. The first Double Lion Freestyle Dance Championship was held at the USJ Summit Shopping Complex , Selangor,  Malaysia in the year 2005 , and qualified judges from the International Lion and Dragon Dance Federation were engaged to decide the winner of this competition. Judging will not be easy.


































The Trend Change

The Fut Shan Lion were dominating the lion dance scene during the 80’s and early 90’s, During that time, one can hardly find a Hoksan lion performing around. Then , in the mid 90’s, the scenario started to change. More and more Hoksan lion started to appear on the scene. Today, the Hoksan lion dominates the world of the lion dance. In all the international lion dance competitions held in recent time, almost all the participants are Hoksan lion and do not forget, the Hoksan Lion was the world Lion Dance champion for many many years.and up to today, they are still the world champion










24 Festive Drums Meets The Lion Dance


24dr1 24dr2

Malayisa is a country that contribute numerous effort to the lion dancing field. From Federation, Competition, to introducing the high stakes acrobatics to the world, Malaysia also Introduces The 24 festive drums to the world. 24 festive drumming is a local culture of the Malaysian. It is not a culture of a show that brought from the Imperial Court. It all started from an event when the Chinese community wanted to created somthing that can leave mark that represents the Chinese community in Malaysia. A Chinese Musician thought of beating drums and from there he though of why not having a big number of drums instead of one. So he experiement by putting many drums together and see how it sounds like. It resulted a good coordination of beats and they successfully leave a deep mark in the Malaysian Culture field. Now 24 festive drums is also recognise and widely spread into China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand and Taiwan.

Every drums has a festive name for it. These name that given to each drums is not only representing the 24 festive of the year, but also to show rememberance to their ancestor's Intellegence. During the early days, when farming is the main industry and career to most of the people in the world, human intellegence is use to observe and forecast the change of climate without any advance techology such as satellite. Its belief that they observe animal and insect behavior to tell the coming climate changes. This changes of climate is the 24 festive that circulate every year. Just like the 4 seasons of the year.

Year 2009, Malaysia's World Champion Lion Dance Team Kun Seng Keng Introduce a new culture combination to the world. Jongs or high stakes acrobatic lion dance and 24 festive drums was introduce by the Malaysian. Today they work together as one to bring the biggest ever performance in the lion dancing arena. More than 60 over members need to gather and work as a team to perform this grand show.