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The Eye Opening Ceremony Hoi Gong.

The eye opening ceremony is dotting the lions eye, ears, nose, mouth, the forehead, the leg and the body.
Different schools has their different way of eye opening ceremony and superstitious and there is no right or wrong influence no matter what form of eye opening ceremony that you are currently practicing. But let me tell you about what I have come across after more than 10 years researching, this sound pretty logic to me. Well, again I would like emphasize that this is my personal opinion, There is no objective to offence and criticize about others belief in superstition. Maybe I would say this topic is more to an open discussion. End of the day it is up to you guys to agree or not to agree.
Ok let me begin my story. To me, eye opening ceremony is a ceremony of Giving Life To The ARTS/CULTURE. By doing so, we are actually making the art of lion dance alive and having the heart to spread the art. Agree with that. I understand that many traditional thoughts about dotting the eye of a lion is actually Giving Life To The LION. By not doing so, the lion is so called the blind lion because it is not blessed by the Chinese Gods and it will not be auspicious . I guess pretty much or majority of you reading this will agree more to this, am I right?
To me I don’t see it that way, because lion dance is truly a piece of art and I shall call it culture art. Lion Dance equipment is just a stagnant object. It is WE, the humans who give live to the stagnant/non moving object. We turn them into a piece of culture art. We want more people to know about the art. We spread them to all the different culture people in the world hoping that the whole world will know this culture and it will continue on and wont extinct.
So this piece of art Especially in the modern generations today, we see there is many Americans, Australians, Indonesians Canadian and many more non Chinese is practicing the art. So if we say lion dance is a superstitious belief, How superstitious can it be? What about the Christians? We do see many Christians practice lion dance today. In fact there is a lion dance troupe in churches these days. What about the Hindus? What about the fully woman troupe doing lion dance today? What about the traditional belief that says, woman should not touch lion heads, what about the non Chinese person who dots the eye of the lion. And for your information, I’am a Chinese guy and I’am Buddhist practice person.
So on top of all the above, does that means that Christians lion dance troupe or woman lion dance troupe or a non Chinese person who dot the lion eyes will bring bad luck to people who offer them to perform? Or bad luck to them self as a lion dance performer? Think again.
And another information which I found really strong that also change my perception to what I’am writing today is, believe it or not that world champion lion dance achievers have 9 out of 10 lion heads that use for competition have not gone through eye dotting ceremony and the emerge the championship title all the time.


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Another Perception Of Eye Opening Ceremony..
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Which One To Bow First

Today I would like to talk about bowing and respecting altar in lion dancing. Obviously we know that bowing in lion dancing is to show form of respect and to the altar, is also a form of blessing.

Have any one ask before, "Which Altar to bow first" is it the one that has the highest rank first or the one just consider a normal rank one? I give and example of a Buddhist home. Are we suppose to bow at the Buddha which is sitting inside the house or the land god that is sitting in front of the house? And why is it so?

Let me share my knowledge on coming to this matter. To me, in any circumstances, Lion Dancing should be like a normal human being manner. Other words, a normal routine that we humans normally go through. For an example, if we would to see a Managing Director of an establish company, do we go straight to him? By reading the previous phrase, every one is pretty much there to guest what I meant. Well true enough that we have to first say "hello" to the security down stairs or out side at the gate, then comes to the lobby area where we see the reception and the reception will inform the MD's secretary and finally we see the MD.

By saying that, it applies to the routine of lion dance as well. So, after all, it s a form of a routine manner that applies in the circle of hierarchy. There is no wrong if you praise the lower one first. It comes to the theory of who you see first and that is who you praise first. End of the day, lion dance should be about giving respect, blessing and bringing good luck and entertainment to people.